Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Days FAQ

We don’t have any grandparents available to attend. Can parents attend instead?

If there are no grandparents available to attend for a child, we encourage the family to reach out to another relative or friend close to the family (aunt, uncle, babysitter, neighbor, etc.) to see if they are able to attend. On rare occasions, when a child does not have anybody available to attend either day, we have allowed parents to attend in lieu of a grandparent/special friend.

Do children need to have a visitor on both days?

No. We have quite a few students that only have a visitor on one of these days, so there’s no need to worry about your child(ren) being the only student(s) without visitors on one of the days.

Can grandparents and/or special friends attend both days?

If there are siblings at FCM, grandparents/special friends occasionally choose to attend both Thursday and Friday, devoting one day to each sibling. However, halfway through the classroom time, the teacher will let visitors know that it’s time to switch classrooms if they are visiting more than one child that day, which is what most visitors choose to do. Due to limited space in each classroom, we ask that grandparents/special friends of only children at FCM choose only one day to attend.

Can children leave with their grandparent or special friend after the event?

Yes. However, please let your child(ren)’s teacher, as well as the office, know ahead of time, so that we can ensure that children are sent home with the appropriate people.


A schedule of events and more info can be found here.


Other questions? Email Katie McChesney.