Children, the Three Year Cycle, and the Curriculum

The Children’s House, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary classes all run in three year cycles (Follow the Child Montessori also offers a Toddler House for children 14 months through three years). In Children’s House, Lower and Upper Elementary, concepts are presented to children during the three years they spend in any one classroom environment. Holding true to the observations and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori, students at Follow the Child Montessori School are encouraged to work through the curriculum at a pace that is appropriate to each child. Some students may master portions of the curriculum while continuing to practice skills in other areas. Other students, however, may master all of these concepts in a three year cycle. These students would then be offered lessons that continue to challenge their growing capabilities.

Children’s House and Elementary classes at Follow the Child also benefit from programs outside the classrooms. Toddler House children practice art and music as part of the Toddler House curriculum inside the classroom. Read FCM’s Position Statement on Resource Classes.



Children’s House students benefit from 4¬†hours each week of Spanish instruction in the classroom.¬† Elementary students have 2 hours of Spanish instruction each week.

Fine Arts

Elementary students participate in the fine arts program for 1 1/2 hours each week. Students explore a variety of media and techniques.


Elementary classes participate in the music program. Recorder and vocal practice, along with exploration with a variety of cultures and styles are the basis for the Elementary students. Children participate in music for 45 minutes per week.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program is designed to give students the skills, knowledge, and disposition to live a physically active lifestyle. Active youths experience a better quality of life. Participation in physical activity provides opportunities for us to develop and maintain a health-related level of fitness, find personal meaning and enjoyment in physical activity and express ourselves as unique individuals.