About FCM

History, Mission, and Core Values

Follow the Child Montessori School has a rich history of educating children to be inquisitive, courteous, knowledgeable, gracious and independent. Founded by a group of committed parents, Follow the Child was incorporated in January of 2001 and enlisted experienced teachers to help make their vision a reality. With just tuition deposits and a founding family’s credit card, materials were purchased and stored in various garages and basements. A $100 truckload of items from Wake County Surplus provided chairs, tables, and chalkboards. The first mission statement was created in a collaborative effort by staff and parents.

FCM's red door

By 2001, 60 children were enrolled, and when founding families learned that Raleigh Preschool was moving out of their building on Ridge Road, a deal was struck for it to become our new home. Policies and procedures were created. Parent and designer, Kelly Higgins, created the FCM logo using her daughter, Gillian’s, footprints. In 2002, a second Children’s House was formed to accommodate growing enrollment. A building was constructed to house elementary classrooms. Then, in 2005, a third Children’s House was established.

Dominique Mouthon, who began as FCM Assistant Head of School and subsequently served as Director of Upper Elementary, became the Head of School in 2010.

In school year 2017-2018, we are proud to operate a school that serves children between 14 months and 12 years old through three Toddler House classrooms, four Children’s House classrooms, two Lower Elementary classrooms, and one Upper Elementary.

Follow the Child welcomes, serves, and challenges children from 14 months through sixth grade in an environment that is directed and invigorated by the time-tested principles and standards of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Maria Montessori, in 1913. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Continuing the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, Follow the Child Montessori School celebrates the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and developing spirit of children.

Through meaningful structure, we create opportunities that spark each child’s love of learning and innate wisdom in a responsive and inclusive environment. Valuing the whole child, we encourage independence and self-motivation, foster constructive social skills, guide academic development and offer opportunities for effective, thoughtful leadership.

Amid the many educational choices you have for your children in this area, we offer a unique opportunity for your family at FCM. We believe in and are excited about the importance of your involvement as a parent in your child’s education. Your partnership in the learning experience strengthens the bond between school, staff, and family.

To fulfill our school’s mission statement and values, FCM has a Board of Trustees and a staff committed to the promise of each child. Your child is guided by experienced directors in well-equipped classrooms. All directors are on-level certified, with many years of Montessori classroom experience.

Our mission: Our community empowers children to realize their unique human potential through a curriculum designed to foster independence, responsibility, and self-motivation. We nurture a love of learning and practice mutual respect, preparing our students to become compassionate, creative thinkers who thrive in a changing world.

Our core values are the underpinning of our school. They do not change from situation to situation. They are set on a foundation of respect and responsibility. They reflect who we are and what is truly important to us.

  • We are a welcoming, caring and engaged community.
  • We provide an environment in which authentic Montessori principles and practices are applied.
  • We guide and support the unique development of each child.
  • We model and teach good stewardship of our natural environment for current and future generations to enjoy.
  • We manage our business in a fiscally responsible way while upholding our commitment to providing quality Montessori education and to supporting our employees’ professional and personal growth.