A Day in the Life: Toddler House


Hi! My name is Wynray. I just turned three. I come to school every day with my sister, Kysa. She is four and a half, so she can hold my hand and walk me to my class before she goes to hers.


My teachers are Elim and Kica. They use calm voices and remind me to use my gentle hands, my listening ears, and my kind words with my friends.

I have to do things for myself and my class each day, like changing into my indoor shoes, hanging up my bag, walking around the work mats, using the bathroom when I feel like I need to go, and putting away my mat and work when I am finished.


When I get to my classroom, the first thing I like to do is visit Coconut, our class guinea pig. Sometimes I bring her a piece of celery or lettuce from home – she loves that!

There is so much work to do in my classroom! It takes me a few minutes to choose…do I want to paint? Play the harp? Do a puzzle? How about language cards, or washing dishes? I also like arranging flowers and working with colors. There are so many good choices!

Today, I am choosing to identify some animals. This work helps me to build my vocabulary and extend my working memory and concentration. The shark is my favorite! Ms. Kica asks if I see the scuba diver; I point to it for her. Then she asks about the skunk. I point to that and she asks if it smells good or bad? I say ‘BAD!’

Then we do ‘I spy with my little eye’ with some objects from a pretty box. I show Ms. Kica the conch shell, the donkey, the hippo, the shoe, and the sheep. I like to listen to the conch shell; it sounds like waves at the beach. After that, I go hide the objects and Ms. Kica says “bring me the sheep” and I bring it to her. We do this until all of the objects are back in their box. This work helps me develop my language and gross-motor skills. I am moving all around the classroom while looking for the objects.



Snack is important for me because I am always hungry! Then we have to clean up and go back to our work, which includes many activities to benefit my hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, concentration, persistence, self-control, and more! I enjoy scrubbing tables, making bread, washing windows, looking at books, putting pegs in numbered peg boards, sewing, stringing beads, putting together puzzles, and many more! I also love to hammer pegs because it makes a lot of noise! I always have to roll up my mat when I finish my work.


In the later morning, we have group time with Ms. Elim. Sometimes we learn a song or a poem, sometimes we dance to music, sometimes we read a book or learn about an animal. Today, we are reading the Jungle Boogie book. We like to do movements and speak the words in rhythm, like a song. I like to pretend to be a snake.


After group time, we get our outside shoes and coats on for playground time! I can put my shoes and coat on all by myself. Our playground is just for Toddler House students, so we have our own little world of smaller toys, a smaller play structure, a sandbox, and a fence painted with chalkboard paint. I think my favorite is the slide.


When it is almost 12 noon, we gather our bags and go wait on the bench to be picked up. Mommy usually drives up in carpool. I always have a great day, but I am also always so happy to see her!