A Day in the Life: Children’s House


Hi, I’m Eliza, and I am four years old. This is my classroom, Children’s House West. Ms. Sumi is my teacher and Ms. Precious is my assistant teacher. When I get to my classroom, I put away my things and change into my indoor shoes. Then I jump right into my work! I enjoy using the tongs to place beads in another bowl. This is strengthening my fingers to get ready to write words in cursive. I am already writing my letters on my own!


Today I’m working on my numbers with Ms. Sumi. She puts down the numerals and then I turn them over; whichever number I choose, I have to go find that many of an object in the room. Finding one of something is easy, but finding nine is a little harder!


The metal insets are shapes you can draw around; this is another work that strengthens my fingers and helps me learn to concentrate all the way through what I am doing. When I was three, I would just color in my shapes all one color, but now that I’m four, I enjoy using several different colors inside my shapes.


Painting is a fun work because you can create whatever picture you want. And sometimes the paint is messy and I get it on my face. It’s pretty funny! Ms. Sumi reminds me to wash off the paint on my hands and face to prepare for group.


At group time, we learn poems and songs, talk about the weather and the days of the week and the months of the year. Today, one of my friends counted all of us in the circle. With Ms. Sumi and Ms. Precious, we have 23! Sometimes everyone wants to talk at once. Ms. Sumi says, “I see a lot of you have a lot to say; let’s all raise our hands and tickle the stars – only with our fingers, not our voices.” Then she reads a book about animals hibernating in the winter. I like to see the pictures of the cozy bears sleeping. Ms. Sumi asks about the birds and where they live in the winter. My friend Vivienne, who is in Extended Day, says that they fly down south, and that is called migration. I’m excited to be in Extended Day next year and learn many more new things as well as help out the youngest class members. Ms. Sumi talks some more about birds, picas, squirrels, mice, rabbits, and deer and how they hunt or search for food for the winter. Some of them don’t even save up the food; they are able to find food even in the snow. But some have to save and save in a warm, dry place so they have food for the whole winter. It sounds like a lot of work! Ms. Sumi says we can help animals in the winter by doing things like putting seeds in a bird feeder.


We also learn some poems and songs in Spanish, with Ms. Carina. She taught us how to do a salsa dance and flamenco. She (Ms. Carina) also does some work with us, but in Spanish. I like to figure out what the different words mean.

At the end of group, Ms. Sumi whispers our names one at a time to get ready to go outside. We have to be extra quiet so we don’t miss our turn. Then we all go outside to the playground and get out all of our energy. I like to climb, run, and dig in the sand.


At noon, the teachers ring the bell and it’s time for me to go to After School. I’m ready for lunch and rest time after all of my hard work!