The Silent Journey and the Discovery

Lower Elementary work

Children’s House work

It’s that time of year again. Dozens of parents at Follow the Child Montessori School are setting their cell phones to vibrate, donning their sneakers, and getting ready for some lessons. The Silent Journey and Discovery is parent education workshop that allows parents to take a mental time-out from all the interruptions of their busy lives to truly absorb Montessori education. There are new parents, veteran parents, caregivers, teachers and staff, many are attending the Journey for the first time and still others are returning for a fresh perspective.

On the first evening, parents new to Montessori education have a chance to examine the classrooms (looking, but not touching)—not just those classrooms serving their own child’s age, but also those that their child will move into someday. Free from distraction, and given the time to truly absorb the surroundings and reflect on the age group, one begins to see the magic…

Follow the Child Montessori School
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